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This Limited Edition shirt marks the release of the Blood-Clans of Jorikk!

Get a couple as gifts for the little ones, and make sure to share with all friends and family that love the truly metal combination of Norseishness and Tabletop Gaming. The more people wear this shirt simultaneously, the sooner Jorikk’s heir will return to usher in a Dunvig Golden Age! Of course if you’re not down with the Dunnvigr, you don’t want this to happen, since their Golden Age means subjugating everyone else in the world. On second thought … don’t buy this shirt!

Printed on very high quality, soft  cotton. Just cause you’re hard-core doesn’t mean you hate comfort!

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On the front of the shirt is set the Vydhrjalm, or World-Helm; a protective-rune said to have influence over all aspects of existence, including the gods, fae, demons, realms, time, and even fate. Dunvig folk carry upon themselves fashionings of the Vydhrjalm, which are imitations of the original forged around -120 F.C. in commemoration of the building of the first Gotshalkkr, or God-Hall. The original World-Helm was said to have stood over fifteen feet tall and been forged of solid gold taken by six generations of warfare with lands as far away as southern Reanaaria. Unfortunately, the original World-Helm was lost during the Sundvulkkr kin-war; a tragedy which still haunts the Men of Jorikk, who say their doom cannot be shaken until it is found again.

On the back is found the opening stanza of the Chant of Dhourrin, an ancient Gult battle-chant :

Come all Gultn,
on the Dhourrin,
Morn’s arising,
Bloody tidings


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