Traveler’s Companion: Shadesh West Book 2


Book Two of the Traveler’s Companion series. Sanakir Hills —North of the Padiras River, but south of the Ghokhaagr River, lie the Sanakir Hills. The hills themselves are made of weathered basalt, the remnants of an ancient predecessor to Mount Keypar-Urtha. A thin layer of topsoil overlays the basalt, and tall conifers and cold-loving deciduous trees grasp to the rock, making space for lower shrubs to form the underbrush. Shot through with river valleys and the occasional deep canyon, it is a cold, but bounteous land, home to Dejy for thousands of years before Kruk-ma-Kali rose to the south. It is a frontier, caught between the Blood Drinker orcs and wargs to the north, and the men and women from the Young Kingdoms attempting to gain a foothold on the southern hills, while the Bylenjy, Goblins and Orcs fight for survival in between..  A print version of this product can be ordered directly from LuLu

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