HackMaster Free Downloads!


  • HACKMASTER BASIC FREE RPG Just download the game right now!
  • HACKMASTER QUICK-START RULES V 1.2 If you don’t like using the pregenerated characters in Basic, this document will aid you in quickly generating a HackMaster character so you get get to the good stuff (killin’ monsters) right away.
  • HACKMASTER QUICKSTART GUIDE This 41 page fan-produced supplement will give you everything you need to play your first hero, and quickly.


  • WHITE PALETTE, IVORY HORNS White Palette, Ivory Horns is a free PDF adventure for the HackMaster Basic RPG! A classic adventure in the old-school tradition, White Palette, Ivory Horns takes place in and around the village of Vew (near Frandor’s Keep), on the edge of the untamed Legasa Peaks, and features a variety of challenges designed for three to five 1st level characters. It’s an excellent first adventure for novice HackMaster players.
  • THE MYSTERIOUS SHRINE This scenario is a plug-in for Frandor’s Keep and provides an additional adventure opportunity for players to uncover the secret behind a mysterious shrine.
  • THE TRAINING DUNGEON This is a tiny dungeon designed to teach the basics of dungeon crawling to newbie players. Produced by Firby
  • THE HUNT FOR THE RED WOLF This dungeon crawl is intended as a stepping stone between “White Palette, Ivory Horns” and the Frandor’s Keep campaign It is designed for a group of 4 1st level characters. Produced by Firby
  • AS1: A SIMPLE TASK Kurt Evans devised this little scenario when he first introduced his group to HackMaster. It was the initial session of a campaign that is still on-going. The intention is for players to be introduced to combat in a non-deadly scenario, and to also go through a variety of skill checks in order to help them familiarize themselves with HackMaster. This will definitely have some use for folks who want to run demos!


  • STANDARD HACKMASTER RECORD SHEET This simple 2 page sheet is an excellent general purpose tool to keep track of your character
  • ALTERNATIVE HACKMASTER RECORD SHEET This alternate character sheet employs the ‘combat rose’ data blocks that appear in the Hacklopedia of Beasts.
  • ALTERNATIVE RECORD SHEET WITH NO SPELLS This alternate character sheet uses the ‘combat roses’ but also has extra space for more weapons. It’s useful if you’re not a spellcaster.
  • HM CHARACTER SHEET FOR COMPUTER/TABLET If you prefer to manage your PC on a laptop or tablet, this is the sheet for you. It’s meant to be used like an app with navigation buttons, etc and not simply paged through like a paper document. Thanks Steve Lawrence! See this thread if you have any difficulties.
  • PREGEN CHARACTER SHEET TEMPLATE This is a form-fillable pdf template character sheet. It’s an ink hog but it is mainly meant to look nice and be simple and clear for newer players.


  • COMBAT EXAMPLE | This 9 page Knights of the Dinner Table comic has an ancillary purpose in providing a visual example on running combat in HackMaster.
  • COMBAT EXAMPLE #2 | This 12 page full-color Knights of the Dinner Table comic provides an advanced example on running combat in HackMaster.
  • SPECIAL COMBAT MOVES FLOWCHARTS | Evan Dewey created a series of flowcharts to illustrate the “Special Combat Moves” found in HackMaster Basic Plus and the Player’s Handbook. You may find these beneficial if you’re more visually oriented.
  • COMBAT ROSE GRAPHIC | If you want your own blank copy of the “combat rose” quick infographic featured throughout the Hacklopedia of Beasts (File is a hi-rez JPG).
  • TRAP GEAR ICON | If you want your own blank copy of the “trap rose” quick infographic featured on p. 200 of the GameMaster’s Guide (File is a hi-rez PNG).
  • INTERACTIVE HM COMBAT CHEAT SHEET | This interactive, touch/click enabled PDF is a handy reference for information about running combat in HackMaster. All at the touch of a finger!
  • INTERACTIVE CRITICAL HIT BOOK Steve Lawrence put these together to run on an iPad to resolve Critical Hits and Fumbles. It doesn’t do the math for you but speeds up getting to the result pretty well if you have a pdf reader that can use the embedded links.
  • TALLY WHACKER This form-fillable PDF tool assists the GM in tracking experience points and honor during gameplay


  • KINGDOMS OF KALAMAR PRONUNCIATION GUIDE HackMaster’s default setting, the Kingdoms of Kalamar, is a fantasy world that presents a range of cultures and languages. As in the real world, the pronunciation of all place names may not be intuitively obvious to English speakers – Americans can look to La Jolla, CA or Sioux Falls, SD for examples in their own backyard of places that break customary phonetics. This guide should help you out if you’re having trouble pronouncing certain words.



  • HEALING WORKSHEET V2 Chris Holmes has updated his worksheet for tracking how long your character’s wounds take to heal (including all adjustments permitted). Prompted by several 25+ hp wounds he received, it now handles wounds up to 40 hp. That’s nearly enough for Jolly Blackburn’s dwarf.