So this is new….

So this is New…

So, for a long time, I had an online blog at where I would talk all things gaming related, including KenzerCo product and in particular, Knights of the Dinner Table. The entries typically included single panels of KODT or full page strips.  Then, back in 2019, the  plug-in I was using to present that bit of trickery (a shell tailored for webcomics) broke. Worse, the developer who had been supporting the plug-in for years disappeared. So most of those entries (five to six years of weekly posts) simply disappeared.  Then the pandemic hit, and thoughts of getting the blog up and running again moved to the back burner. So here we are — consider this Cries From the Attic reborn.

The plan is to post here weekly. You might find outtakes from the comic (that didn’t make it into an issue), teasers and sneak previews of issues in production, or… my ramblings. Just click on the links below the read the blog entries— Jolly