HackJournal #41 (PDF)


HackJournal #41 (PDF)

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The HackJournal is a quarterly PDF magazine designed specifically for (and by) the members of the HackMaster Association – an organization of dedicated Players and GameMasters who meet online and in person to discuss and play Kenzerco’s role-playing games.HackJournal also previews special pre-release material, including ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ rules previews for future products! Readers are encouraged to try out these new rules and provide feedback on the Kenzer and Company discussion forums.HackJournal #41Table of Contents• Spells For Sneaks – Clever Casting of HackMaster Spells for Rogues and Mage/Thieves• Come into the Light – Alternate Rules for Religous services of the Assembly of Light• HackMaster City Encounters• Using Newsletters in Your Game• 1+re-roll: What’s its mean?• Small Staves17 pages including cover

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