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Exciting News — Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated Trade Paper Back.

It was recently brought to our attention at Gary Con, that we have never offered a trade compilation of our comic book series, Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated. Launched in 2000 (24 years ago!!!), this popular series ran for 42 issues. Although it’s available in digital format, the print issues have been out of stock in our warehouse for nearly 20 years. Not doing compilation of these gems was an oversight on our part. We aim to fix that, this summer.

KODT Illustrated (popularly known as K.ILL back in the day) took the adventures of the Knights in the monthly comic, and presented the in-character. Aaron Williams (of Nodwick fame) did the art for the first few issues, with the Fraim Brothers picking up the torch and carrying it for the next 35+ issues.

More details soon. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

As I was working on compiling the first six issues this morning, I found myself constantly getting distracted, as I got caught up in the stories. I don’t think, I’ve read them in over 15 years. 🙂

In other news, Knights of the Dinner Table issue 312 is no press. Digital subscribers would see their issues hitting their accounts by the end of the weekend. We hope to have the print issue in our warehouse is approximately two weeks. Hoody Hoo!

Till next time, may all your hits be cries. — Jolly

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