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Traveler’s Companion: Book 1 Shadesh West

Book One of the Traveler’s Companion series. Each book in this series explores and details a different region of Tellne™. The western side of Shadesh Bay, north of P’Bapar, has no proper name in the southern tongues; the Brandobians and Kalamarans who settled the Young Kingdoms seldom ventured into the land of barbarians and goblins between the cold waters of the bay and the unforgiving peaks of the Krond Heights. Home to bands of Dejy tribesmen from time immemorial, it is also home to wargs and goblins, orcs and ogres. The numerous humanoids pose a constant threat to the Dejy of the boreal forest that stretches from the Brindonwood and into the Sanakir and Shashyf hills, and up the slopes of the mountains. This listing is for the PDF version.  A print version of this product can be ordered directly from LuLu

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Print on Demand Products

As promised we are adding a print on demand option for many of our digital/pdf products — for those you who prefer the ‘real thing’. All nine volumes of the Zealot’s Guide are currently available as well as the softbound version of the revised Hacklopedia (book one). Just go to those products on the webstore can you’ll see a direct link taking you to where you can make your purchase.

In addition to the above, I’ve also added KODT 275 and KODT 276 (reprints) which quickly went out of stock at the height of the pandemic last year. These issues are clearly reprints (perfect bound spines) but should satisfy those of you with gaps in your print collection.

Again, we’ll be adding more POD options in the coming days and weeks, including all of our HackMaster adventures.

Hoody Hoo!!

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Readers gave demanding it for years — PDF monthly subscriptions to Knights of the Dinner Table magazine.

Well, we listened. We are happy to announce that digital subs are now a thing. Each month subscribers will be able to download their brand new spanking issue on the same day the print issue hits our doc. No waiting for wonky mail times. No dealing with maniacal carriers, who insist on rolling up your issues like a piece of saltwater taffy, before cramming it in your mailbox. You’ll find the link to both digital and print subscriptions right up above under the handy pull-down menu. Enjoy!

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Welcome to our all new and greatly improved Kenzer and Company website! We want to thank all of you, our valued fans, for your continued support and introduce new gamers to our many immersive, award-winning games and products. We hope this website will make it easier to access the more than 700 products that we’ve crafted over the last 30 years.

One new feature that should excite many of you is that we are now offering PDF subscriptions to Knights of the Dinner Table, making it even easier (and faster) for avid readers to access their Knights. Consider the new website to be a work in progress. Please bear with us as we fine tune things.

Meanwhile you will find everything from PDFs to hardcovers of HackMaster, Aces and Eights, Kingdoms of Kalamar and, of course, Knights of the Dinner Table magazine here. Feel free to make yourselves at home, browse, explore and download. Hoody-Hoo!!!

David S. Kenzer
Kenzer and Company

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NEW! Knights of the Dinner Table: Midnight Special!

KODT Midnight Special Cover

This 128 page trade paperback brings five special issues of Knights of the Dinner Table that have been out of print for over 15 years screaming down the tracks. Includes KODT Origins Special 2003, KODT Origins Special 2004, and KODT Diamond Exclusive issues 1 thru 3. All between two covers and back in print.

These issues all feature stand-alone strips and storylines that have long been fan favorites. Climb Aboard!!