HackJournal #21 (PDF)


HackJournal #21 (PDF)

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The HackJournal is a quarterly PDF magazine designed specifically for (and by) the members of the HackMaster Association – an organization of HackMaster players and GameMasters who meet online and in person to discuss and play the HackMaster 4th edition roleplaying game.


Behind the Shield: On Alignment, or “I’m not EVIL!” by Keith McCormic

GameMaster’s Workshop: Potion Bottle Generation by James Butler

Hacklopedia Magica: Potions of Elasticity by James Butler

Player’s Advantage: Using Empty Potion Bottles by James Butler

GameMaster’s Workshop: Simplifying Friendly Fire by Christopher Stogdill

From the Cubicle of the Chancellor: HackMastering the Sovereign Lands by Mark Plemmons and Steve Johansson

Rustlers of the Night: Marmot by Anthony Scopatz

Player’s Advantage: The Clerk – a new magic-user package by Donny Gordon

HackJournal Coupon Sheet presented by Kenzer and Company

20 pages; color and b&w

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