HackJournal #34 (PDF)


HackJournal #34 (PDF)

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The HackJournal is a quarterly PDF magazine designed specifically for (and by) the members of the HackMaster Association – an organization of dedicated HackMaster players and GameMasters who meet online and in person to discuss and play the HackMaster roleplaying game.HackJournal also previews special pre-release material, including ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ rules previews for future HackMaster products! Readers are encouraged to try out these new rules and provide feedback on the Kenzer and Company discussion forums.HackJournal #34 TABLE OF CONTENTSDodebix – a dwarven dice gameDetails on water law for Aces & EightsA new HackMaster monster – the manticoreNew items: Elfin mail and the Staff of StrikingA tavern setting for use with your HackMaster campaign21 pages including cover; color

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