HackJournal #7 (PDF)


HackJournal #7 (PDF)

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The HackJournal is a quarterly PDF magazine designed specifically for (and by) the members of the HackMaster Association – an organization of HackMaster players and GameMasters who meet online and in person to discuss and play the HackMaster 4th edition roleplaying game.HackJournal #7 TABLE OF CONTENTSEverything you ever wanted to know about Pixie FairiesNew PC Race: AardvarkiansRustlers of the Night: Millerite GoblinIt’s All About HonorHack DossiersParty Balance: Seeking the Right Mix of Characters for Your CampaignDemystifying “Suprise”Bonus CouponA Day in the Life of the Shadow GuildLessons from Ol’ Thad20 pages; b&w

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