HackMaster 4E – Sometimes They Come Back (PDF)


HackMaster 4E – Sometimes They Come Back (PDF)

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DISAPPEARANCES, DISCOVERIES, AND DEATH…In the small village of Narmaren, passing travelers, residents and even animals have been reported missing. Who (or what) is behind these disappearances? Dare you attempt to learn the truth? If so, you must prepare yourself, my friend. This is not a place for the meek spirited or the wuss of heart. This is the HackMasterâ„¢ 4th edition role-playing game.This 24-page adventure (for 1st level characters) was written by industry award-winning authors Jolly R. Blackburn and Brian Jelke, with Barbara Blackburn, and includes all the maps, useful background, artwork and adventure details you need; with no useless padding! Like all Kenzer and Company products, this adventure was designed with the GameMaster in mind. We prepare all the details so you can spend less time flipping pages and more time gaming. Being a GM has never been so easy, or so much fun!For 1st level characters.Collector’s Note: This adventure originally appeared as a 2nd edition D&D print module of the same name. A D&D v3.0 version can be found in the Harvest of Darkness compilation. This HackMaster 4th Edition version makes improvements to the encounters facilitated by the HackMaster rule system, and includes updated NPCs, a new Zealot class, an additional regional map, encounter map, and new covers.

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