HackMaster – Game Master’s Guide


HackMaster – Game Master’s Guide

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Greetings Esteemed Colleague!

We’ve been waiting for you. In the HackMaster equation, you are the most important variable. Why? Because the GameMaster is the backbone of the game. Without you the game is incomplete, a narrative without a storyteller to dramatize the tale, a camera without a director behind the lens, a brilliant score without a conductor. And so on.

This black grimoire is the HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide. It is an indispensable weapon in your arsenal; a must for those with a desire to take up the GM’s Shield and referee HackMaster. All things HackMaster are made possible by the secrets contained herein.

As a HackMaster GM you bear an enormous weight and responsibility on your shoulders: judging and running combat, interpreting the actions of your players, creating adventures, world building, assigning experience, keeping track of Honor, and so on. And that’s just at the game. Before the game, you are preparing the adventure for the next session(s) and working on your campaign. For many, you also have to get ready to host the game itself, and sadly, most of you fork out your hard-earned cash for the game books and accessories in order to play the game. In addition, you must constantly work at mastering the rules of the game and honing your skills.

Like the captain of a ship at sea, you must constantly strive to maintain your game. Clearly, the role of GameMaster is a daunting job by anyone’s standards.

But chances are that if you have felt compelled to answer the call, you have the right spirit, drive and determination to rise to the challenge. And fear not! For you are not being sent into the fray unarmed. Armed with this book you are a formidable individual with whom all must reckon. You will gird up your loins, don the armor of confidence that comes with knowing that you are a cut above the run-of-the-mill gamer and proclaim, “The GameMaster is always right!”

Table of Contents

Chapter One: GameMastering Advice

Chapter Two: Combat

Chapter Three: The Adventure

Chapter Four: Spellcasting

Chapter Five: The Journey

Chapter Six: Between Adventures

Chapter Seven: Character Vitals

Chapter Eight: Zero Level Characters

Chapter Nine: NPCs

Chapter Ten: Design Advice

Chapter Eleven: Treasure Tables

Chapter Twelve: Non-Monetary Treasure

Chapter Thirteen: Quality Items

Chapter Fourteen: Magic Items

Appendix One: NPC Descriptions

Appendix Two: Diseases

Appendix Three: Kalamar

Appendix Four: Index

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