Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated #18 (PDF)


Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated #18 (PDF)


Writers: Jolly Blackburn and Mark PlemmonsArtists: Brendon and Brian FraimJoin the misadventures of Knuckles, El Ravager, Zayre and Teflon Billy as they wreak havoc with their unique brand of heroics. In this issue, Zayre is dead! Long live… uh… hello? Anyone? Without Zayre’s calming influence, what mad carnage will Knuckles, El Ravager and Teflon Billy wreak now – will they destroy the city of Fangaerie? Begin a campaign of troll genocide? Or will they just sit around and act depressed while mysterious forces control their lives from afar? Be sure not to miss the stunning last page of “Minus One” – where the Untouchable Trio’s lives will change forever… again.

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