Knights of the Dinner Table Special: Last Man Standing


Knights of the Dinner Table (KODT) Special: Last Man Standing

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A new live action game has hit Muncie — Urban Assassin: Stalking the Most Dangerous Game in the Concrete Jungle. Armed with paintball guns, players are pitted against players as they hunt each other down. The goal? To be the last man standing.This original self-contained story has it all — intrigue, betrayal, and laughs. From Weird Pete’s Back Room to the Public Library, to the Open Gaming Room at GaryCon itself — nowhere is safe.Don’t turn your back.Don’t trust your friend.And save the LAST paint ball for yourself.48 pages, b&w (This enhanced perfect-bound reprint includes the “Kickin’ a Sleeping Dawg”, “How much is that Dalek in the Window?” and “Eve of Destruction” prequel strips.)The StripsKickin’ a Sleeping Dawgfeaturing: Weird Pete, Bob, and Squirrely.How Much is that Dalek in the Window?featuring Weird Pete, Bob, Squirrely and Gordo.Eve of Destructionfeaturing: Brian, Bob, Dave, Whitey Moran, and “Games Keeper” Patterson.Number 132featuring: Weird Pete, Bob, and Squirrely.Under Siegefeaturing: Weird Pete, Tuley, and Squirrely.Special Deliveryfeaturing: B.A., Bob, Sara, Dave, and Brian.Soldier of Misfortunefeaturing: Squirrely, Weird Pete, Nitro, Ty Ferfel, and Brian.I Did a Bad Thingfeaturing: Bob, Dave, and Brian.The Winds of War…featuring: Stevil, Bob, Nitro, Brian, Frank, Gordo, Ty, Dave, Weird Pete, Squirrely, B.A., Gordo, Crutch, Newt, and Patty.The Java Joint Peace Accordsfeaturing: Weird Pete, Patty, and Brian.A Storm Brewingfeaturing: Bob, B.A., Brian, Weird Pete, and Gordo.The GaryCon Warsfeaturing: Bob, Sara, Dave, B.A., Brian, Weird Pete, Ty, Newt, Stevil, Nitro, Squirrely, Gordo, and Johnny.Victory Ceremonyfeaturing: the victors, of course…End Gamefeaturing: Yep, the victors…

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