Soloquest – Fallen From Grace (PDF)


Soloquest – Fallen From Grace (PDF)

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IN SOLOQUEST – YOU ARE THE HERO!Know this, cleric of light! Your past has come back to torment you. With courage and an unshakable faith, you must confront your personal demons. Danger lurks around every corner. The shattered skeleton warrior beneath your feet is but a taste of the challenge that looms before you. The path will be treacherous and the enemies unrelenting.Do you possess the courage and conviction to defend your faith and save your soul from eternal torment? Only a quest to recover a sacred relic can prove your worth and purge the evil from one who has Fallen From Grace.Fortunately, if you take the wrong path, you can always play again. Even after you complete a game, feel free to try again because this book has more than one ending! Some endings are good, and some endings are bad. If you come to a bad end, simply play again from the beginning!As well as many different paths for adventure, this 64-page adventure book includes:- Basic and Advanced Rules! Along with the basic play rules, this adventure also includes optional advanced rules for more realistic fun!- Pregenerated or Custom Characters! Use the standard character in this book, or bring in your own Dungeons & Dragons or HackMaster cleric!- Dice Tables! Don’t have polyhedral dice with you? No problem! SoloQuest works with or without dice, thanks to the special dice tables!- Quick Reference Tables! Need to look up an advanced or basic rule quickly? Simply turn to the easy-to-use tables and find the answer in seconds!

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