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A FAST-PACED, EXCITING GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!The goal of the Tech Support card game is simple – be the first person to play the Guru card. Of course, getting there is not quite so easy…The theme of the Tech Support card game is based around the experience of calling a technical support hotline. On your turn, you essentially take on the role of a caller, while the other players are the tech support system itself!On your turn, you draw a card from the deck and place it in your hand. Then you play a card – but not from your own hand! Now, don’t get scared – this is where the strategy begins.Since the object of the game is to play the Guru card, but you can only play cards from your choice of another player’s hand (unless the card you just played tells you otherwise), you have to use both strategy and bluff to get the Guru. Use special cards to look at other players’ hands, to make one or more cards change hands, and so on! Make sure you know who’s got the Guru, and try to draw and play it! But be careful – don’t let the other players know that you know…What trickery is this you ask? It is not trickery… it is Tech Support!Tech Support is a card game for 3-6 players, ages 13+. Average playing time: 20 min.

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