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NEW! Knights of the Dinner Table: Midnight Special!

KODT Midnight Special Cover

This 128 page trade paperback brings five special issues of Knights of the Dinner Table that have been out of print for over 15 years screaming down the tracks. Includes KODT Origins Special 2003, KODT Origins Special 2004, and KODT Diamond Exclusive issues 1 thru 3. All between two covers and back in print.

These issues all feature stand-alone strips and storylines that have long been fan favorites. Climb Aboard!!

5 thoughts on “NEW! Knights of the Dinner Table: Midnight Special!

  1. I like the new website, and really like the digital subscription model (my garage approves). However:
    1. My login no longer works, it’s simply not recognized as a valid account.
    2. I was never able to get into the forumns, and the one time (over a year ago) I sent an email to support I got a reply from an admin that is no longer part of the community who said she got the email!

    1. Hi, web monkey here!
      So firstly, no one’s old logins work, everyone has to make a new account. Unfortunately the old site was in too poor a state to be able to carry all of the member info forward. I know that can be frustrating, but there wasn’t any other way to do this.
      Secondly, the forums are down until we get a new implementation in place. The old forum database is badly corrupted, and we’re still evaluating whether it’s worth the risk to try and salvage it. But one way or another the forums will be returning, it just might not be for a bit.

      1. I want to support you guys directly — I love KoDT. But losing all our data like this makes it really hard to trust. Asking me to manually recount everything I’ve bought from you over the years is unacceptable and I don’t know how you can really expect any other reaction other than anger over this.

        1. Well we expected some folks to be angry. But we expected a lot of our other customers to react with grace, patience, and maturity, because for decades we’ve dealt fairly, honestly, and forthrightly with our customers and fan base. And we knew that most of them could recognize that our old site was a wreck that was getting worse and worse and clearly had tons of issues because it was also quite obviously older than some of our readers are. So if you want to be angry and feel betrayed that’s your prerogative. But we encourage you to choose instead to understand that we made the only choice available and that getting a site that was custom coded (by someone who is now dead) from 20 years ago to fully migrate to a brand new modern site was literally impossible.

  2. I hear you I know I’ve thought to myself many times how out of date the old site was. I can certainly accept that you guys were in a situation without many good options — and for my part, all I really wanted was a “hey, we get this is pretty crummy, we’re sorry, and we’ll try not to make sure any purchases you make going forward aren’t lost.” I can live with that.

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