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Welcome to our all new and greatly improved Kenzer and Company website! We want to thank all of you, our valued fans, for your continued support and introduce new gamers to our many immersive, award-winning games and products. We hope this website will make it easier to access the more than 700 products that we’ve crafted over the last 30 years.

One new feature that should excite many of you is that we are now offering PDF subscriptions to Knights of the Dinner Table, making it even easier (and faster) for avid readers to access their Knights. Consider the new website to be a work in progress. Please bear with us as we fine tune things.

Meanwhile you will find everything from PDFs to hardcovers of HackMaster, Aces and Eights, Kingdoms of Kalamar and, of course, Knights of the Dinner Table magazine here. Feel free to make yourselves at home, browse, explore and download. Hoody-Hoo!!!

David S. Kenzer
Kenzer and Company

25 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Were accounts wiped out? My password does not work, and My username is no longer recognized.

    1. Hey David, just create a new account. Once Black Friday and the new launch is over we will have a form up for customers to update their legacy pdf purhases/privileges. It was impossible to migrate all the data over automatically and must be done manually. Don’t worry, all your pdf purchases will be honored. Thanks for your support and patience.

  2. I attempted to apply the coupon codes to a pdf copy of Bundle of Trouble 41 and recieved a message that the codes don’t apply to that product.

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience, there was apparently a conflict going with the coupon category targeting, but it’s been resolved and the coupon should work for all BoT PDFs now:)

      1. Hi Jolly, looks like there’s a few other gremlins too. I picked up a few back issues, but only one is available to download (288) – the others (280 to 287) are telling me I “have reached my download limit for this file”.

        On the account, it shows available downloads as zero for those files, but infinity for 288.

        (Also was only able to use the hacksgiving code)

        1. Thank you for letting us know, and sorry for the inconvenience! This has been an ongoing bug we have been working with WooCommerce to resolve, and we just applied a quick fix that should have cleared it up. Let us know if you run into any more issues, and thank you so much for your patience and your patronage!

          As for the coupon codes, because of the way the couponing system works we had to use two codes instead of one to cover all the selected inventory. We have a solution that will make the couponing process easy and seamless for our customers in the future and are hoping to have that in place in the upcoming weeks.

          1. Thanks Spike – Having built sites myself, I know the teething issue that can arise! Still doesn’t seem to be working for me – but I shall try tomorrow (Hi from the UK by the way!)

          2. So it looks like the fix addressed the issue with the product listings, but not with already completed orders. I’ve gone through and checked every single order and reset the download limits to unlimited, that should have done the trick. Let me know if you see any other gremlins and I’ll roll for initiative and start the combat clock;)

          3. Thanks again Spike – all seems good now apart from issue 287, which is giving me a ‘file not found’ error.

          4. Ok, I got Issue 287 fixed; apparently there was something wonky with the PDF itself that was causing the site host to not see the file even though it’s there. Should be all fixed but of course let me know if anything else comes up:)

          5. Hello,
            Just letting you know that I have similiar problem with download link leading to “File not found” page as Ian Hogg mentioned above. My order number: 8319

          6. Sorry about the delay, your products should be fixed now. As with Ian’s there was an issue with the PDF itself rather than the site setup, but it’s resolved now:)

          7. I’m getting a file not found on my order’s link to issue 274, so might be an issue with that PDF as well!

          8. Yep, there was an issue with that specific file, should be resolved now; I was just able to do a test purchase and download #274. Let me know if you run into any other issues.

          9. Still file not found on 274 for me, maybe because it was part of a KODT Back Issue Bundle 10 Pack – Issues 271-280 order instead of just an individual issue order?

          10. Ah you were absolutely right, it was because I had to fix the download in the Back Issue Bundle! Thank you! Hopefully it is finally working. Really appreciate your patience!

      2. Only one of the two codes seems to work. 25% is the max you can get off back issue PDFs of KODT, correct?

        1. Yes. Because of our our ecommerce PoS works, we had to use two coupon codes to cover all the products in the sale. 25% is the max discount.

  3. Hey guys, congratulations for your new website! In my opinion it’s a huge improvement. I highly recommend adjusting some of the text colours though, gray text on a black background is a no go, e.g. the midnight special price tag.

    1. We appreciate the feedback! And we will be making a lot of adjustments over the following weeks and months to the site to make it a better experience:)

  4. Still not able to download the 9th Zeolot’s Guide I paid for Thursday morning!

    1. We ask that you have some patience while we work through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the holiday weekend fixing these issues. The download should be fixed now.

    2. Wait, are you trolling or is Zealots Guide not up on the new site but was up on the old one?

      1. It’s here, might have been a sorting issue?

        1. Thank you, I must have missed it when just quickly scanning over the store to see if there was any new hackmaster stuff

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