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Knights of the Dinner Table Issue 293 — Now Available!!!!

Brand spanking new issue now available!!! In both Print and Digital Format. Hoody Hoo!! ( Note: Subscriber issues are in the mail. Please allow a week to ten days for them to arrive. Longer for Bulk Mail)

8 thoughts on “Knights of the Dinner Table Issue 293 — Now Available!!!!

  1. How do i restore my purchase records so i can renew my print subscription?

    1. Hey Lee, your subscription is good until issue 295 (294 goes on press tomorrow). Print subscriptions aren’t maintained on the new webstore UNTIL a sub has been renewed. Which can be done directly in the webstore listings. Let me know if you have any questions. Buying a new sub on the webcore will extend your current sub and not create a NEW one btw. Unless you specify otherwise.

  2. thanks.

  3. Hey, folks!

    My earlier question appears to have been swallowed by the cracks, so I’ll repost it here (for lack of any clearly designated other place): has “Cattlepunk Chronicles 3: And the Horse You Rode In On” ever come out, or am I just fruitlessly chasing a phantom at this point?

    Many thanks, in advance!

    1. There have only been two volumes of Cattlepunk, there is no volume 3.

  4. What is happening? Issue 294 is visible in the shop but can’t be purchased (is “unavailable”), Cattlepunk Chronicles vol 3 and The Black Hands Dossier were supposed to come out last year and it has been ages since the last Bundle of Trouble was released.

    1. there has been no official release date given for the Black Hands Dossier, Ben. It’s a product that is still in the process of being expanded and completed. Hoping have it finished by the end of the year. CattlePunk 3 was put in the back burner after health issues I had last year. We’ll have a new release date soon. BOT 71 was just released a few months ago. BOT 72 should be available in a week or so. Thanks for your support and interest.

    2. Oh and 294 won’t be available for direct purchase until Monday. Digital subscribers get access a week early.

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