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Just A Minor Glitch: A Heads Up

Hey folks, just a quick heads up about a minor glitch on the website/store. A recent update seems to be creating havoc with outgoing notifications (order confirmations, shipping info, etc). It’s also affecting the “Contact Us” form in the menu.

What that means is that notification emails are not going out as they should (that includes inquiries meant for US and notifications meant for customers). Seems to be related to a recent plugin update — and a fix is in the works. Unfortunately, it’s taking longer than we had hoped.
That said everything else is working perfectly. You can still place orders and those orders will be shipped in a timely manner as always.
Until the plugin issue is fixed you should email me directly at [email protected] for all inquiries (and this includes requests to restore previous digital purchases since that form has also been impacted). I will respond as quickly as possible. Sorry for this annoying glitch. We expect to have it resolved soon.

If you’ve tried making an inquiry through the site in the last ten days or so there is a good chance it never reached us. We apologize. It wasn’t immediately clear there was an issue. So please email us directly if you’ve been waiting for a reply.

Game On!!

Jolly Blackburn

[email protected]

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Just in time for Halloween!!! The Hungry Undead


A strange rock formation, a treasure-laden tomb, and an insane man with wild ravings about the “Lords of Blood.” What does it all mean? Do these “Lords of Blood” really exist? Will the Young Kingdoms fall before them? Or do you dare attempt to drive them back to whence they came…? If so, you must prepare yourself, my friend. This is not a place for the meek spirited or the wuss of heart. This is the HackMaster™ 5th edition role-playing game.

This 32-page book (for levels 4-8) is a completely revised and expanded version of the classic HackMaster adventure written by Jolly R. Blackburn! Fully converted to the HackMaster 5e rule set.  Presented in full color  includes maps, useful background, artwork and adventure details — including our popular Hacktrack™ card system which puts all the monster/foe information relevant to combat right at the GM’s fingertips.  No useless fluff! Like all Kenzer and Company products, this adventure was designed with the GameMaster in mind. We prepare all the details so you can spend less time flipping pages and more time gaming. Being a GM has never been so easy, or so much fun! Note: Boxes of tissues for your players to dry their tears not included.

Although easily converted for use in any campaign setting, this book is designed for the Kingdoms of Kalamar – a realistic, dynamic world where complex political alliances mix with marauding bands of humanoids, and medieval technology and culture come faces to face with magic and the fantastic. Whatever type of adventure you seek, you can find it here. GRAB IT RIGHT HERE!!

For characters of 4rd to 8th level.

Note: For those wanting a full color print version of the adventure we will have it listed on