Aces & Eights Reloaded – Showdown (PDF)


Aces & Eights Reloaded – Showdown (PDF)

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Aces & Eights: Showdown! is a skirmish-level version of the full Aces & Eights role playing game.It is designed as an easy to learn introduction to the Aces & Eights gunfighting game mechanics. This amazing game provides rules for a tabletop simulation of Wild West shootouts, and is both incredibly realistic and easy to use. As well as including a special Shot Clock combat simulator and Silhouettes for fast and accurate shooting – where even a near miss can be deadly – Aces & Eights: Showdown! provides for both basic and advanced gunfighting. Whether you prefer a quick duel in the streets or a massive gun battle raging through town, this is one western RPG book you can’t afford to miss!Lose yourself in the Old West with this revolutionary game system!- Quick start rules get you in the action in minutes- Advanced rules you can incorporate as you master the basics and want more detail- Simple to use but Accurate Cover Rules- Realistic Wounding Tables- Use your experience to enhance your gunfighter- Seven pre-built scenarios to get a gunfight up and running in minutes- Pick from a selection of 13 period pistols & rifles- Mishap & failure rules that add realism- An introduction to the Alternative History of the Shattered FrontierNote: To use this product, you must print one page (the Shot Clock game aid) on transparency film. Please bear this in mind before purchasing the product.

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