Blood Clans of Jorikk – The Saga of Vigurdr Dunrjorkk (PDF)


Blood Clans of Jorikk – The Saga of Vigurdr Dunrjorkk (PDF)

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Vigurdr Dunrjorkk: a living legend who, by strength, courage, will and shrewd wisdom, has led his clan-folk out of doubt-darkness into a new age brimming with the promise of great wealth, expanded power, and the fulfillment of deep prophecies long-since resigned to bitterness and regret.This installment paints a vital picture of recent events throughout the northern Wild Lands, centering around the reclamation of the Dunnvigr from the dark periods following the Sundvulkkr kinwar, the building of Narr’Rytar, the defeat of powerful foes such as the Nulgee and the Hordes of Khavntargg, and the machinations of deadly regional power-politics.While the Dunnvigr stand now poised at the edge of a great destiny because of the shrewd and bold maneuvers of their first-lord Vigurdr Dunrjorkk, he is aging, and what will follow his death remains to be seen. Will the Dunnvigr seize the moment and carry forward on the momentum of the last forty years into a century of greatness? Or will they resume blood-feuds of old and bring upon themselves again the doom of brother-war? Much remains to be seen, and of the future few even of the Great-Seers can tell.

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