HackJournal Annual #1 (PDF)


HackJournal Annual #1 (PDF)

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HackJournal Annual #1 collects material previously published in quarterly issues #1-4 of HackJournal, the official publication of the HackMaster Association.For those of you who missed the first four issues of HackJournal, this book provides you with a great budget opportunity to expand your Hackverse! HackJournal Annual #1 is packed with over 40 articles essential for both players and GMs! While written for HackMaster 4th Edition, most of the ideas and material are easily adaptable to any RPG system. Here’s some of what you get:- Tips for the GM: Pacing Combat Encounters, Calculating Hackfactor, Awarding EPs in Tournaments, Creating Temples, Tournament Dungeon Design, Adding Suspense to Your Campaign, and Calculating Initiative.- Player’s Advantage: Getting the Most Out of Cantrips, Overcoming Flaws, Weapons for the Wee Ones and Weapons for the Huge Ones, Illusionist Advice, and How to Use Alchemy and Herbalism Properly.- Three “Day in the Life” stories from across Garweeze Wurld, a campaign setting from the HackMaster TeraVerse.- Monsters created exclusively for HackJournal: the Albino Purple Ice Worm, Faux Lich, Gargantuan Whale Monkey, Whooping Cave Cricket, Shetland Pegasus, Gnomeling Titan, Rust Bats, Pixie Wolf, and more!- Two complete short adventures: Relb’s Revenge (the 2001 HackMaster World Championship Tournament), and a descent into the infamous One-Legged Gagwaller Research Station.- More magic items than you can shake a wand at: the Cloak of Dramatic Entrances, Tooth of Witty Banter, Short Sword of Gnomish Battle Sense, 4 magical items tailored for the monk, Strahdi Bows, Magical Food, 4 nonmagical assassin enhancement items, and more!- The Waylands: an intriguing region of Garweeze Wurld developed exclusively by HackMaster Association members, and you can only read about them here! Yes, this product includes sixteen pages stuffed with descriptions of 18 different nations, two highly detailed city settings, and unique organizations.- And much, much more!

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