Fairy Meat Core Rules (PDF)


Fairy Meat Core Rules (PDF)

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IF YOU CAN’T EAT YOUR FRIENDS, WHO CAN YOU EAT?This is Fairy Meat – a bold adventure in miniatures wargaming for two or more players. Each player controls a warband of cute and cuddly fairies, and… Wait, there’s a twist. Warped by evil, these once happy-go-lucky fairies are now homicidal cannibals! Yes, it’s kill or be killed in this world of raw carnage and pint-sized mayhem!Whether you prefer a one-shot scenario or an ongoing campaign, this twisted game of brutal action is perfect for all mature gamers who want something a little different. A game of Fairy Meat (like real battles between the Wee Folk) can last anywhere from ten minutes of slapstick slaughter to hours of ferocious fun. Fairies have an arsenal of weapons and magic at their disposal, as well as thralls (small animals enslaved by fairy enchantment). Combat is resolved by using the rules in combination with a standard deck of household playing cards, and the game uses our own modern world as a game board. This means Fairy Meat can really be played almost anywhere – exactly where fairies fight their bloody battles!This 45-page Fairy Meat core rulebook includes 32 pages of all the rules you’ll need, along with many printable color sheets of counters and standups. These latter sheets include printable fairy miniatures (actual size), wings (if you want to put wings on your own metal miniatures instead), weapon counters (such as the ripper, sprite carver or vibromaster sword), Life counters, Kill counters, Twinkle counters and the Fairy Cards.What’s that? You want to know more about why the fairies are cannibals? For the meat, of course! There’s good eating on a fairy, especially if you’re a fairy as well. You see, when a fairy dies, the magic that fueled it resides in the corpse for a short time after death. Consuming the meat from such a body doesn’t do much for, say, a rabid squirrel. But when the carnivore in question is born of fairy stock, the corpse’s energy merges with that of the eater! The flesh magically dissolves into oblivion within the chambers of her belly, and she obtains the power that once dwelt in the carcass before her. So, your fairy needs a little boost on the battlefield? See that tasty fairy corpse draped over that nearby mushroom? Better not delay – your enemies are approaching! After all, desperate situations call for desperate measures…Take a bite. You know you want to.

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