Knights of the Dinner Table: Black Hands 2010 Special #1 of 2 (PDF)


Knights of the Dinner Table: Black Hands 2010 Special #1 of 2 (PDF)


Breaking through the pages of the award-winning Knights of the Dinner Table comic come the Black Hands 2010 specials!Note: The print edition of this comic is sold out. However, this special “Director’s Cut” PDF is now available featuring FULL COLOR strips and two bonus deleted scenes.This three-issue miniseries focuses on the hilarious gaming misadventures of Nitro, Newt, Gordo, Stevil, and Weird Pete, a group of role-players in Muncie, Indiana. Like the Knights, the Black Hands represent a gamut of people we’ve all known at the table (though personally deny being), but with trouble and in-fighting turned up to 11! Yet, their adventures are still hauntingly familiar and always humorous reminiscence because, like it or not, we’ve all known (or been) gamers like them.____________________________________________________________Black Hands 2010 #1 TABLE OF CONTENTSThe StripsOn CallWeird Pete tries to get a ‘fly on the wall’The VanHostle MutinyStevil ‘s new idea backfires.And Then Came NewtNewt as GM?Getting RasputinBeware of frog men.An Army of NoneThe Black Hands experience one of the great battles of the 19th century.Walk in the ParkA pixie-fairy adventure – and guess who’s the GM?Hack the VoteA surprise contender throws his hat into the ring.Deleted ScenesAs part of this special “director’s cut” PDF, a couple of scenes that didn’t make the print edition are included38 pages, color

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