HackMaster 4E – Coloring and Activity Book (PDF)


HackMaster 4E – Coloring and Activity Book (PDF)

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Your players are an hour late.Your GameMaster can’t find his notes.You’re waiting for the pizza to arrive.The convention line seems to stretch for miles.Sure, you could roll up another character to pass the time.But the clock is ticking slower… and slower… and slower…You need something fun!  Finally, help arriveth:The HackMaster™ 4th edition Coloring and Activity BookWhether you consider yourself a child at heart, a serious roleplayer, or whether you’re just looking for a fun activity to drive away your boredom, look no further!  This fun-filled and wonderfully illustrated work includes everything you need to while away the hours, no matter what your situation.  This tome includes:- 17 action-packed coloring pages!  Perfect for character or adventure illustrations!  Grab those coloring pencils now!- 12 finger puppets, including both monsters and heroes!  Create your own plays, or use  them as minatures for any fantasy roleplaying game!- 3 word finds!  Can you unearth these buried word treasures?- 2 tricky mazes!  Help the hero find a path through the maze to rescue the swag!- Hack Libs, a brain-straining crossword puzzle, and more!

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