HackMaster 4E – Player Character Record Book (PDF)


HackMaster 4E – Player Character Record Book (PDF)

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It’s version 3.0 of the greatest Player Character Record ever devised! Keep track of every detail of your illustrious career in this indispensable aid, and never find yourself looking for character information again. It’s all right there in front of you!This full-size 21-page PDF gives you a sheet for everything you need, no matter what type of HackMasterâ„¢ 4th edition character you’re playing! Includes:- 4-page Primary Character Record Sheet- Armor, Weapon and Magic Item Placement Map (on PC’s body) Sheet- Character History/Schooling/Level Tracker Sheet- Tally Sheet- Adventuring Company Log- 2-page Animals (with equipment and encumbrance trackers) Sheet- Stronghold/Castle Sheets- Magic-user Spellbook Sheet- Magic-user Spell Planner Sheet- Cleric/Druid Spell Planner Sheet- Henchman Tracking Sheet- Followers Tracking Sheet- 3-page Sidekick/Protege Character Record Sheet- Last Will and Testament Sheet

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