HackMaster 4E – Raid on Borgal’s Keep (PDF)


HackMaster 4E – Raid on Borgal’s Keep (PDF)

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Raid on Borgal’s Keep is a daring raid into the stronghold of an evil wizard and military general, to rescue a captured prisoner from its highest tower. Of course, General Borgal’s keep is not lightly guarded, and his acquaintance with the local body snatcher no doubt signifies an undead menace lurking nearby…This 12-page adventure utilizes the HackMaster 4th edition rules system and is designed for a 4th to 6th level party of four to six characters. It is set in the World of Aldrazar, in the Kingdom of Daurkhaud, a few miles north of the town of Gretch Willow [D7-01-D02] and only miles from the Rogue Haven border.Note: Raid on Borgal’s Keep was the first prize winner in our Knights of the Dinner Table Adventure Contest, and originally published in Knights of the Dinner Table #150.

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