HackMaster 4E – Wryneck’s Wheelhouse


HackMaster 4E – Wryneck’s Wheelhouse (PDF)

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NOTE: THIS 3RD-PARTY LICENSED PRODUCT IS LISTED HERE ONLY SO WE CAN PROVIDE A COMPLETE CATALOG OF HACKMASTER PRODUCTS. TO ORDER, YOU NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE ON DRIVETHRURPG.COM.This special project is a HackMaster module where all proceeds go directly to a military unit to assist them in purchasing equipment and additional training. Everyone who worked on this adventure donated their efforts, people like Erol Otus, the Fraim Brothers, David Reeder, Kent Clark, Doug Curtis, and Second Rat Games. The adventure is everything you would expect from HackMasterâ„¢ 4th edition. Second Rat Games gives special thanks to Kenzer and Company for permission to do this project.While traveling through the countryside, the party encounters a mysterious wagon. Things get stranger as they realize that what is inside is far larger than the wagon could hold. Who owns this magical wheelhouse and why are there statues everywhere?Dare you seek out the wheelhouse and brave its secrets?If so, you must prepare yourself, my friend. You are about to embark on a journey into a land where magic and monsters lurk in every darkened corner. This is not a place for the meek spirited or the wuss of heart. The Aldrazarâ„¢ campaign setting is a land embroiled in an epic struggle that has raged for countless eons: where the forces of evil war against those of good, where law struggles to keep chaos in check, where adventure and the art of hack are the meat and drink of all who would seek to carve their niche in such a hostile, forbidding and unforgiving environment. This is the realm of the HackMasterâ„¢ role-playing game.For characters of 4th to 6th level.66 pages, color

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