HackMaster – Player’s Handbook


HackMaster – Player’s Handbook

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The HackMaster Player’s Handbook

This is it! The HackMaster Player’s Handbook is the ultimate resource for HackMaster Players everywhere. Inside this gorgeous 400-page leathered book you’ll find everything needed to fully enjoy HackMaster.

This book includes a modern set of rules steeped in old-school roots. A real-time initiative count-up combat system means you will never have to wait for your turn. The realistic, gritty set of combat rules allows for quick resolution of combat with dynamic features such as incapacitating wounds, knocking opponents back and shield breakage. An opposed roll mechanic means every die roll is exciting, and there’s always a chance of success no matter how much the odds are stacked against you. The arcane magic system features the use of both spell points and levels, while each of the fourteen different clerics have a unique list of available spells that clearly differentiates these orders. There are ten races and twenty-four character classes to choose from and additional rules for honor, luck points, and quirks and flaws make HackMaster unique!

HackMaster is a game of difficult choices and the decision to excel in one area means you forgo other opportunities. You’ll never have enough points to do everything you want, but the building point system, combined with quirks and flaws, ensures that no two characters will ever be alike!

The print edition is a full color, leathered hardcover book 400 pages in length. Choose your appropriate shipping option from the drop-down selector below. Books are shipped in USPS Priority Mail boxes.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Character Creation

Chapter 2: Ability Scores

Chapter 3: Character Races

Chapter 4: Character Classes

Chapter 5: Clergy

Chapter 6: Alignment, Honor and Fame

Chapter 7: Priors and Particulars

Chapter 8: Quirks and Flaws

Chapter 9: Proficiencies

Chapter 10: Talents

Chapter 11: Skills

Chapter 12: Goods, Services and Equipment

Chapter 13: Combat

Chapter 14: Money & Treasure

Chapter 15: Experience and Training

Chapter 16: Non-Player Characters

Chapter 17: Miscellaneous Rules

Chapter 18: Clerical Spells

Chapter 19: Mage Spells

Appendix 1: Pixie-Fairies

Appendix 2: Index

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