Kingdoms of Kalamar – Dangerous Denizens: Monsters of Tellene (PDF)


Kingdoms of Kalamar – Dangerous Denizens: Monsters of Tellene (PDF)

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EVERY MONSTER NEEDS AN EDGE.This is it – the monster book for those who know that a creature’s story goes far beyond a collection of combat statistics. This 212-page tome tome details the history, habitat, behaviors and ecology of many of the monstrous inhabitants that roam the world of Tellene – including never-before-seen creatures and variants on old favorites. From beginning to end, these monsters present a whole new range of challenges.Dangerous Denizens gives you the fine details that make your monsters come alive, whether they live in the largest cities, the deepest seas, or the most untamed jungle. All information on these creatures of Tellene is presented in a logical and organized manner than gives you more options and ideas with which to challenge your players.- 127 monsters and 98 common animals- 7 new character races- Round-by-round tactics for each monster- Thumbnail maps for “at a glance” viewing of habitat- Myths, rumors and adventure hooks- Alphabetical, challenge rating and regional quick-reference tablesAlthough usable in any campaign, this book uses the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting as a base for descriptive text and cultural details. In this realistic, dynamic world, complex political alliances mix with marauding bands of humanoids, and medieval technology and culture come face to face with magic and the fantastic. Whatever type of adventure you seek, you can find it here.Dangerous Denizens includes the following monsters, listed by TYPE and/or (SUBTYPE):ABERRATION Beholder, Occultipus; Doppleganger, Metamorph; Elephantine; Gibbering Terror; Impervigen; Mind Flayer Servitor; Piercer, Tellenian; Rooftop Prowler;(AIR) Dragon, Twilight;ANIMAL Anemaconda; plus 98 more common Animals (in Appendix A);(AQUATIC) Anemaconda; Deep Stalker, Drone; Deep Stalker, Hunter; Deep Stalker, Queen; Dragon Shark; Farisee; Goldfin; Lizardfolk, Zek’Ira; Lobsterfolk; Rusalka; Tarrasque, Aquatic; Troll, Sea; Tursa;(COLD) Dragon, Deshada; Hulking Growler; Troll, Arctic;CONSTRUCT Golem, Bone; Golem, Bronze; Golem, Chalk; Golem, Glass; Golem, Hard Wood; Golem, Ice; Golem, Leather; Golem, Loam; Golem, Quartz; Golem, Salt; Golem, Soap; Golem, Soft Wood; Golem, Straw; Golem, Twine; Golem, Wax; Guardian Effigy;DRAGON Dragon, Aquatic; Dragon, Deshada; Dragon, Twilight;(EARTH) Gargoyle, Urban;ELEMENTAL (AIR) Elemental Spawn, Dust; Elemental Spawn, Mist; Elemental Spawn, Sonic;ELEMENTAL (EARTH) Elemental Spawn, Dust; Elemental Spawn, Lava; Elemental Spawn, Mud;ELEMENTAL (FIRE) Elemental Spawn, Acid; Elemental Spawn, Lava; Elemental Spawn, Sonic;ELEMENTAL (WATER) Elemental Spawn, Acid; Elemental Spawn, Mist; Elemental Spawn, Mud;(EXTRAPLANAR) Astral Hunter; Demon, Foulpitch; Devil, Guardian; Empathos; Guardian Familiar;FEY Brownie; Fairy, Urban; Fairy, Woodland; Farisee; Leprechaun; Sileni; Vila;FIRE Troll, Sand;GIANT Cyclops, Reanaarian; Giant, Woodland; Hulking Growler; Ogre, Drhokkeran; Troll, Arctic; Troll, Cave; Troll, Chaos; Troll, Demonic; Troll, Elder; Troll, Mindreaver; Troll, Moss; Troll, Ravager; Troll, Rot; Troll, Sand; Troll, Sea; Troll, Stench; Troll, Storm;(GOBLINOID) Goblin, Shashyf; Slavering Gorger;HUMANOID Bugbear Mage; Darkling Snatcher; Deep Stalker, Drone; Deep Stalker, Hunter; Deep Stalker, Queen; Goblin, Shashyf; Half-Dwarf; Half-Githzerai; Half-Gnoll; Half-Gnome; Half-Goblin; Half-Satyr; Lizardfolk, Zek’Ira; Mite; Ratfolk; Sharjani; Slavering Gorger; Tel-Amhothlan; Troglodyte, Sca’lara;(INCORPOREAL) Hound of Ill-Omen; Poltergeist;MAGICAL BEAST Basilisk, Salt; Boom Frog; Bouncing Spider; Chasm Lurker; Coranach; Crimson Worm; Dragon Shark; Gargoyle, Urban; Giant Vulture; Green Ape; Herding Beast; Hive Horror; Hypnosnake; Kota Lizard; Lamia, Tigerus; Minotaur Lizard; Mountain Worm; Plague Boar; Rock Serpent; Sand Worm; Shadowcat; Sphinx, Rock; Tarantubat; Tarrasque, Aquatic; Thunder Lizard; Tursa;MONSTROUS HUMANOID Doppleganger, Mirror; Goldfin; Hag, Tunnel; Harpy, Grave; Lobsterfolk; Minotaur, Plains; Yuan-Ti, Shafanivar;OUTSIDER (CHAOTIC) Demon, Foulpitch; Empathos; Forlarr;OUTSIDER (EVIL) Astral Hunter; Demon, Foulpitch; Devil, Guardian; Empathos;OUTSIDER (LAWFUL) Devil, Guardian; Guardian Familiar;OUTSIDER (NATIVE) Forlarr;PLANT Vampire Cactus;(REPTILIAN) Lizardfolk, Zek’Ira; Troglodyte, Scalara;(SHAPECHANGER) Doppleganger, Metamorph; Doppleganger, Mirror;(SWARM) Hive Horror;UNDEAD Eaten One; Hound of Ill-Omen; Mummy, Blood; Mummy, Heretic; Mummy, Noble; Mummy, Rattlebone; Mummy, Royal; Mummy, Servitor; Poltergeist; Reliqus; Rusalka; Sheet Phantom; Swordwraith, Skarrnid; Treant, Undead;(WATER) Dragon, Aquatic

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