HackMaster – Raktavira’s Villa (PDF)


HackMaster – Raktavira’s Villa (PDF)

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Raktavira’s Villa is an adventure for 7th – 9th level characters. Given the nature of the opponents, it is strongly recommended that the prospective characters include at least one Mage with a good offensive spell repertoire and acompetent thief or other similarly stealthy individual. The scenario is very freeform and a variety of solutions can be employed to overcome the challenges presented. Though a good deal of tactics are presented, you as GM must be prepared to react to the unexpected and improvise as necessary.The adventure takes place in Dorndern [Cosdol], a city alive with whispers of all sorts of strange happenings. GMs are encouraged to use the lengthy rumor table to allow their players to organically explore different leads around town that can provide excellent opportunities for impromptu roleplaying.15 (very dense) pages plus cover

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