Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting (PDF)


Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting (PDF)

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The Kingdoms of Kalamar is the default setting for HackMaster and provides a richly textured canvas for your campaign. If you’ve used our HackMaster adventures to visit Frandor’s Keep, prowl through the city of Cosolen, delve through the depths of the Vohven Jungle and so on, you’ve seen glimpses of what the official HackMaster setting holds – now the continent lies open before you.This special value package of the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting is a perfect companion to the HackMaster game and a must-have for players and GameMasters alike. Included is the original rules-free “Sourcebook of the Sovereign Lands”, a thorough gazetteer of the realms providing a comprehensive reference of politics, geography and history.Appended to this work is the complete full-color Kalamar Atlas, a beautiful and realistically rendered marvel of mapmaking prowess. All told this PDF is 325 pages.Through the now unfashionable miracle of backwards compatibility, this is a digital document and fully searchable [with the exception of a few charts that had to be scanned – not bad for a 17 year old document].No matter what your group’s location or levels, this book gives GameMasters an incredible mine of information and adventure ideas, while leaving enough mystery for even the most curious players. Don’t miss it!

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