Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated #11 (PDF)


Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated #11 (PDF)


Writers: Jolly Blackburn and Mark PlemmonsArtists: Brendon and Brian FraimJoin the misadventures of Knuckles, El Ravager, Zayre and Teflon Billy as they wreak havoc with their unique brand of heroics. In this issue, the Trio journey through a forest labyrinth in search of a long-lost dungeon. Can our heroes survive the ancient depths of this unopened vault of horror? Will Knuckles ever recover from the loss of his leg? And are wild squirrels REALLY that hostile? This issue ties directly into the KoDT: Illustrated/Travelers crossover special #1 and Travelers #14. When laid side by side, these three issues connect to make one large cover!

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