For too long have pen-and-paper gamers gone without a worthy Nordic home wherein they may braid their beards (where applicable), sharpen their axes, and raise their horns to god-oath and ring-hoard. Too long have brave and lusty RPG’ers yearned without hope for a snow-hardened hall-land of gods and heroes, where bravery is measured in bloody deeds, and greatness immortalized in fame-song.

So do we venture into the remote Wilds of Jorikk, a vast wilderness of towering mountains, buckling glaciers, endless seas and sweeping boreal forests.Ivan Shishkin coniferous-forest-1873 DEEP WILD

A dark land, cold and unforgiving, stirred up from the deep currents of the Old Norse. A place of trolls, dragons, sea-serpents, blood-feuds, ring-hoards, fierce gods, and indomitable wills expressed in lonely places.

It is a place of desperate heroism and grim tales lost to time. The perfect canvas upon which to carve an epic campaign of pen-and-paper gaming.

What remains is for us to go there and live out the tales and legends. Roam wide through the boreal, hunting elk for meat and wolf for fur. Feast with proud men in timbered halls by the lakeshore, and oar out upon the mist-covered waters, raising sword and spear alongside powerful warriors, chanting battle-song as the shield-wall clamors for slaughter.

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to begin such a journey.

As an RPG campaign setting, this  grim landscape provides a Nordic home all but limitless in its scope and possibility. While integrally part of the greater HackMaster world of Tellene, the remote expanse of the Lake Jorakk Wilderness makes it possible to run a purely Nordic story with whatever Tabletop Fantasy RPG system you might like to use.

Indeed, these books have been lovingly written for any GM or Player wanting to sink their teeth into a setting inspired heart-and-soul by the myth and legend of the Old Norse and the Vikings.

This work may also, of course, act as a ready guide for briefer expeditions into the area. If your party wishes to merely follow a lead, or the heady scent of fabled northern riches, down the Jorakk River for a season or two of prospecting, scalping and free-swording, then this is the place for you.Theodor_Kittelsen_gamle-kirke-den Just know that even brief forays will likely require a handful of character level gains before groups of any attention span feel they’ve had a reasonable helping to the region’s offerings.

If you’re a player, you’ll find here a veritable feast of material for laying solid flesh, polished iron, braided beard and booming voice to your proud northern hero. Whether a free-warrior taking what he will from the merchant-rich southern seas, a mail-clad Gult following his oath-lord into desperate battle against the Orkish tribes of his home forests, or a wandering Seeress searching for rare roots and rumored wisdom, your near-giant Fhokki character will no-doubt be the envy of all wherever he or she goes.

Whatever your feast or fancy, these works will provide ample material for many hours of gaming in the Nordic vein.

As you explore these lands and hear the folktales and sagas of its peoples, you may find yourself left with as many questions as answers. If so, then that is fine and good. For it is our wish to provide many beginnings, rather than many ends. To offer up a starting-point for your own northern wandering where, hopefully, imagination, excitement and curiosity act as the primary guide.

Use these works thus as a catalyst for your own explorations, and remember that your game is limited only by your imagination.