Aces & Eights Reloaded – Faro Playing Cards


Aces & Eights Reloaded – Faro Playing Cards

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This deck of 54 playing cards is representative of cards from the era in which Aces & Eights: Reloaded is set.

Unlike contemporary cards, these are square edged with simpler (unnumbered) faces. The card faces are also slightly distressed to provide the feeling that they were sitting in a cowboy’s pocket over the last cattle drive rather than freshly purchased from the nearest convenience store.

Playing cards are used as much as dice to resolve combat in Aces & Eights since the Shot Clock is predicated on their use to determine the direction of a gunshot. Why not capture the mood with these vintage cards?

This deck is also perfectly suitable for use as unique Poker cards that lend a historical flair to your game.

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