Blood Clans of Jorikk – On Wild Lands and Wild Folk (PDF)


Blood Clans of Jorikk – On Wild Lands and Wild Folk (PDF)

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Welcome Wandererto the Blood-Clans of Jorikk!The warrior-gods Falkkr and Vorr call you hence.To take up your horn and fill it with ale, pour in also the blood of elk, wolf, and man,and drink deeply in oaths of brotherhood, war, and vengeance.The old heroes call you also, ashen-faced from ages long passed, to hear their legends sjald-sung in the mead-hall.To feel the heart-stir of memories rekindled by a wolf’s howl.Memories borne upon the deepening hum of a war-horn rung out in the dawn, and faded by the black stain of blood on a pebbled shore.“We raise our horn to you, Wanderer.May the yearning of spirit call you, and the pull of wanderlust bring you, unto a distant northern shore,where man contends with fate and the gods for a name. Skrrol!”This PDF is an introduction to the Blood Clans of Jorikk. As an RPG campaign setting, this grim landscape provides a Nordic home all but limitless in its scope and possibility. While integrally part of the greater HackMaster world of Tellene, the remote expanse of the Lake Jorakk Wilderness makes it possible to run a purely Nordic story with whatever Tabletop Fantasy RPG system you might like to use.Indeed, these books have been lovingly written for any GM or Player wanting to sink their teeth into a setting inspired heart-and-soul by the myth and legend of the Old Norse and the Vikings.Read the Saga and see if it’s what you’re been searching for…

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