HackMaster 4E – Adventurer’s Guide to Pixie Fairies (PDF)


HackMaster 4E – Adventurer’s Guide to Pixie Fairies (PDF)

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LIVE FAST. DIE YOUNG. REPEAT.Whether you profess to be the greatest pixie fairy adventurer in the Wurld, or need to gird yourself for battle with a swarm of these elusive faerie folk, this HackMaster™ 4th edition book is for you! What you hold in your hands is the codex that will guide your quest for knowledge like a brilliant beacon amidst a coastal storm. This tome will assist your rise about the petty humans, dwarves, elves and other land-bound races you’ve ever met. This thoroughly researched and finely detailed reference work includes everything you ever wanted to know about the masters of the air. Here’s just a sampling from the inventory of secrets revealed herein:- Detailed information on the pixie fairy and seven new player character races, including the elvariel, fae-born, grixie, pixie brownie, pixie leprechaun, pixie nixie and pixie sprite.- 13 new classes, including the Animalist, Arcanist, Eater of Love, Fellow of Fear, Friend of the Wee Folk, Keeper of Oaths, Lovewing, Lustlord, Messenger of Light, Minister of Death, Soldier of Faerie, Trickster, and Wavesong.- 22 new pixie fairy quirks and flaws including antennae and wing amputee, fear of flying, magically impotent, multiple reincarnate disorder, pixie meat addiction, and telepathic impairment.- 9 new skills, talents and proficiencies including Aerial Acrobatics, Aerial Wrestling, Dropped Missiles and Great Maneuverability.- Over 30 new weapons, including the antennae sword, brownie battle axe, claw feet, pixie fairy great bow, ripper and sprite sword, plus full details on pixie fairy armor.- 44 new magical tattoos and power runes, plus full details and clarifications on the special Emphkrin tattoo.- 10 new spells, including Grounded, Lizenz’s Dark Wings, Merge Pixie Dust, Protection from Grel and Surrogacy.- 13 new magic items, including Armor of Flying, Bolts of the Firefly, Mushrooms of Psychedelic Enhancement, Pixie-Kind Magic Armor and Weapons, and Tattooed Skin Clothing.- An expanded equipment list, including antennae caps, flying bombardier saddle, glide wings, magic tattoo inks and needles, flying mounts, animal companions.- New pixie fairy priors and particulars, including details on clans and places of origin.- New rules and clarifications for aerial combat, aerial travel, flying while encumbered, honor, critical hits, falling damage, pixie fairy reincarnation, and more.- Details on available packages and personalities, including the new Amber Guard package.- Detailed analysis about pixie fairy life, including social structure, military forces and tactics, and pixie fairy practices of courtship, religion, trade and tribute, recreational habits, the Pixie Meet and a myriad of other subjects.- Descriptions of the Faerie Realm and the capital city of the pixie fairies, Croatoor.- And much, much, more!

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