HackMaster 4E – GameMaster’s Campaign Record Book (PDF)


HackMaster 4E – GameMaster’s Campaign Record Book (PDF)

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Keep track of your HackMasterâ„¢ 4th edition campaign with this handy tool! Packed with useful resources, including:- Campaign Definition Sheet- Notable Events- Campaign Details Log- Player Character Registry- NPC Record Sheet- Encounter Log- Campaign Award Logs- Party Alignment Chartering- Magic Items Log- Travel and Events Log- Loyalty Tracking Sheet- Player Character Performance Checklists- Honor Tracking Checklist- Generic Battle Sheet Counters- 14 month calendar for Garweeze Wurld, including phases of the moon and holy daysNever fumble for notes at the table again! With the GM Campaign Record, they’ll all be right at your fingertips.As an added bonus, the PDF version also includes Appendix H [GM forms & worksheets] from the HackMasterâ„¢ 4th edition GameMaster’s Guide!

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