HackMaster – Spellslinger’s Guide Book 1 (PDF)


HackMaster – Spellslinger’s Guide Book 1 (PDF)

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Introducing the first book in the SpellSlinger’s Guide series. This series will highlight topics of interest to mage characters and expand upon the HackMaster rules with new options.This book covers Ley Lines.Unbeknownst to all but those learned in the arcane, magic flows dynamically and wends its way around and through Tellene. These unseen flows occasionally fuse and then disperse. With enough coalescence, they collect into channels, though this magical energy tends to gather and align more readily in proximity to certain topographical formations. Even the energy that Tellene seems to produce naturally will gravitate into and fortify the magical streams, enlarging and stabilizing them. Undetectable by most beings, only those with an Advanced Skill in Arcane Lore or higher may perceive them and then only under certain conditions…Wizards have discovered methods of tapping into Ley Lines and employing their energy to improve the efficacy of their magical spells…

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