HackMaster – Spellslinger’s Guide Book 2 (PDF)


HackMaster – Spellslinger’s Guide Book 2 (PDF)

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Introducing the second book in the SpellSlinger’s Guide series. This series highlights topics of interest to mage characters and expands upon the HackMaster rules with new options.This book covers Mages and their Familiars.The specially-bonded animal companion to a spellcaster, the familiar, plays a critical role in the career of any mage lucky enough to have one. Long have these creatures been associated with great magic. The owl, black cat, dove or even sinister messenger from the Netherdeep might help the mage rise to his rightful position as the most powerful personage in the area. Familiars vary in shape and form, with the strongest only answering the call of the mightiest and most renowned of the mages.At any time, your wizard may attempt to call upon powerful arcane forces to summon and bind his familiar. Your character needs to perform the prescribed ritual and then can attempt to call his companion. This animal will always be of supernatural intelligence in relation to its kind and will forge an immediate bond with the mage.This book contains a set of new rules for incorporating familiars into your HackMaster game.

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