HackMaster – Tiwidu: Village on the Verge


HackMaster – Tiwidu: Village on the Verge

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The village of Tiwidu comes to life! With over a hundred unique locations and the NPCs to populate them, Tiwidu is the perfect setting for a new game just starting up, but it can also be easily integrated into any campaign. Tiwidu is an incredibly detailed town, with everything plotted out from the earl’s long-term economic goals to the bookbinder’s designs on his attractive neighbor and everything in between. The town is already chock full of people to meet and secrets to learn, but Tiwidu: Village On the Verge is also the jumping off point for the adventures “Strangers on the Trail,” “Shadow Over Tiwidu,” and “The Prodigal Sons*” so there is even more to do in this strange little market town.Any party can base themselves out of Tiwidu but the town is especially suited to 1st level characters just starting out.* adventure featured in KoDT #215 but available separately with additional virtual tabletop extras pack86 pagesThe town map is included as a separate high resolution image file.

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