HackMaster – The Forgotten Monastery (PDF)


HackMaster – The Forgotten Monastery (PDF)

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At Kar Mandri (see Frandor’s Keep), news of a westward caravan burned whilst on the road heading towards Frandor’s Keep has the waystation abuzz with both fear and dread fascination. It’s all that the guests seem to be talking about today.From a young woman and her child…“Fire on the roads, did you hear?”“Who set the fire, ma?”“Nobody knows, sweetie.”“Old Mr. Pilamel says it was the brand-fits who did it.”“Bandits, my treasure. Not brand-fits. And no, they all… uh, ‘went away’ before you were born.”“Was it the sky monster?”“Oh my, dear you know you shouldn’t tell stories like that. There is no sky monster.”“There is, ma! There is there is there is!”“Oh my, well it looks like someone is tired.”From Lanomar, a purveyor of fine liquors and rare delicacies…“Certainly you’ve heard of the frightful attack on the caravan. Such dangers here on the frontier. Why in heavens would anyone choose to live here? And now all the convoys are delayed! I have no idea how long I’ll be consigned to wait in this miserable hovel.Well, I’m sure Dasas is going to be in a right mood when he realizes what’s happened to the goods he was waiting on as I’m certain they were on that train. You see, *ahem*, I have many important friends in Frandor’s Keep, the good merchant Dasas is but only one of them. Poor man, it will be a terrible setback for him to lose that much stock …”This scenario is nominally designed for a group of five players of 7th to 8th level. As always, only you the GM is in a position to gauge how capable your particular group of players is. If they’re particularly tough, clever or numerous, they may be up to this challenge at a lower experience level. Conversely a smaller or less proficient group of players may still find the adventure challenging at somewhat higher levels of experience.A continuity update is provided if you’ve incorporated the Dusk of the Dead scenario into your campaign.15 pages plus coverThis adventure also contains a Virtual Tabletop extras pack with unlabled maps for use on Roll20 and tokens for all monsters in the adventure.

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