HackMaster – The Gift (PDF)


HackMaster – The Gift (PDF)

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Two rare books on loan are on their way to Frandor’s Keep in the care of an elven scholar named Cyrn. They are a gift for a noble’s daughter. Mercenaries are hired for the journey, but, their skill cannot stop the onslaught of merciless bandits and something else, more mysterious and much more deadly.A lone, battered warrior stumbles for help. The books are gone, and so is the elf. His friends are dying and all he can do is mumble a few clues before his bleeding body can take no more and he slips into the dark place at the foot of death’s door.Who will answer this warrior’s pleas? Who will save his suffering friends? Who will face the hideous creature? Who will return this valuable gift?A scenario for a band of 7th to 9th level explorers13 (very, very dense) pages plus cover

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