HackMaster – The Prodigal Sons (PDF)


HackMaster – The Prodigal Sons (PDF)

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A simple errand leads to the aftermath of a sibling rivalry gone horribly awry. The quarrel has simmered, unresolved, for too long. In β€œThe Prodigal Sons,” players will have the chance to help end the conflict, for good or ill.For 3rd – 4th level characters.The adventure begins in the village of Tiwidu, a booming population center. This locale can be found within the Lands of Tarisato, a region in the Kingdom of Kalamar campaign setting and available separately as the HackMaster product Tiwidu – Village on the Verge. The aforementioned product is not explicitly needed to play this adventure but The Prodigal Sons provides additional adventuring opportunities for players based in this setting.This adventure originally appeared in KoDT #215 although this self-contained product is colorized and contains a Virtual Tabletop extras pack with unlabled maps for use on Roll20 and tokens for all NPCs and monsters in the adventure.

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