Kingdoms of Kalamar D&D 3E Campaign Setting (PDF)


Kingdoms of Kalamar D&D 3E Campaign Setting (PDF)

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The Kingdoms of Kalamarâ„¢ setting: the first fully-detailed world for your gaming universe. So balanced, integrated and believable that after an adventure you’ll feel the grit between your teeth, taste the blood in your mouth and smell the laurels of success!Pick up this core sourcebook and enter a world of adventure unlike any you’ve seen before. This book is essential for anyone that wants to elevate their game to new heights!This PDF is the Kingdoms of Kalamar edition released for the 3e system. It does not contain substantial rules-specific content making it suitable for 3.0 or 3.5 play.This 275 page PDF details the campaign world in exhausting detail with game mechanics (NPC classes/levels & Deities/Domains) specific to 3e.

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