Knights of the Dinner Table: Everknights #1 (PDF)


Knights of the Dinner Table: Everknights #1 (PDF)


Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new adventure we like to call EverKnights! It’s been a long road getting to issue number one, but in the end, it’s all worth it. I’d like to personally thank all those fans that have been with me since the beginning. You guys (and gurls!), along with my wife, have kept me going even when I felt there was nothing left in me. From your inspiration to your encouraging words, I wanted you all to know I appreciate you, even those that sent their silent approval.For those of you just joining us here, you may be wondering what long road could have possibly come before a first issue. Well, this isn’t technically the first issue, although Tony and I have put a lot of effort into making sure this issue can hold its own as a starting point. There were five “negative” issues that counted down to this very day, one for each of the main characters. The stories in those issues focused on the individual EverKnights, while this book focuses on the team. Everything will be explained in the main title eventually, but if you like the characters, I suggest you pick up their stories and see who they are.Secondly, EverKnights is a new starting point for the characters who began their life in HackMasters of EverKnight. The series ran for ten issues, and culminated in a giant parody of comic book death and reinvention. Now, you can still start reading this issue, without ever looking back, and still understand and enjoy. But, if you’re itching to know it all, I have some good news for all you fans of the EverKnights!Again, thanks to all of you that supported the EverKnights thus far, and here’s to many more issues, phobias, innuendo and stinging sarcasm to come.

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