Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated #9 (PDF)


Knights of the Dinner Table: Illustrated #9 (PDF)


Writers: Blackburn, Johansson, Kenzer and PlemmonsArtists: Brendon and Brian FraimJoin the misadventures of Knuckles, El Ravager, Zayre and Teflon Billy as they wreak havoc with their unique brand of heroics. In this issue, our ‘heroes’ force a henchman into a dangerous situation to retrieve a piece of junk. But what will they do when the junk turns out to be a much sought-after magic item, turning their lowly servant into a charismatic lord? Can the Knights adapt to being followers instead of leaders? Or will they just kill him and get it over with? Find out in the newest episode, “Just for the Helm of It.” This issue also includes the original Just for the Helm of It as a backup KoDT strip!

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