Aces & Eights Reloaded – Cattle Drive


Aces & Eights Reloaded – Cattledrive (PDF)

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This “game within a game” contains both historical background and game mechanics for running one of the most iconic scenarios of the wild west – a cattle drive.

Conducting a cattle drive is a months-long operation that demands careful preparation. It requires an adequately provisioned and skilled crew to have any hope of being successful. It is not a task that one can embark upon on a whim. As such, a cattle drive is likely to be the focus of your Aces & Eights campaign for at least a couple of sessions should your players decide to debark on one.

The cattle drive is run with its own rules meant to simulate the rigors of this journey and various obstacles that must be overcome to complete a successful (and profitable) drive. This allows you as the GM to run the cattle drive as its own ‘big picture’ game while affording the flexibility to jump out of this abstraction into traditional role-playing and tactical combat as the situation dictates.

As a digital product, you can print out the sundry worksheets and maps as needed.


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