Fairy Meat: Sugar and Vice (PDF)


Fairy Meat: Sugar and Vice (PDF)

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It was generally accepted that the Moon Fairies were never coming back, and any notion of fairy society was soon abandoned in favor of a simple life in the woods. Only the Glitters, lesser heirs of the Crystal Court, had any recollection of the royal way of life; they still saw echoes of the proper life somewhere behind their minds. It is this dim, fuzzy memory, one all Glitters are born with, which propels them towards fancy gowns and wands. Others laugh at their silly ways, but the Glitters always knew someday their habits would make sense. Someday majesty and grace would return to the Fairy-folk. Someday, the royalty would return and make things… proper.Great snot, were they ever wrong!This 38-page Fairy Meat supplement includes 33 pages of all the rules you’ll need, along with many printable color sheets. These latter sheets include printable weapon counters (such as the crystal axe, razor shears and wand of enthrallment), Armor counters, Life counters, Kill counters, Kiss counters, Twinkle counters and the Fairy Cards. Although Sugar and Vice is fully compatible with Fairy Meat, it is a supplemental rulebook only. Unless you already know how to play, you will need the Fairy Meat core rulebook in order to play effectively.In Sugar and Vice, Moon Fairies, Beat Pixies and Pixie Assassins enter the scene! Check out fairies at the cooler end of the spectrum, with painted wings, face and body paint, spiked jewelry, mohawks, colored-lens sunglasses, faux fur, and (most of all) shiny pants! Discover the magical glamour-chunks, enormous blocks of magical goodness embued into everyday objects! Crank up the Hackfactor with moon fairy warbands, and learn of the special ingredient “Pink” and what it can do to the fairies who use it…

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